Thursday, February 23, 2017

Curing Chronic Pain

Hello. I’m Professor/Dr. Brian A. Rothbart. I’ve invested more than 40 years in doing original research into the causes of chronic pain. As a result…

I have made seven key discoveries that have led to the elimination of chronic muscle and joint pain.

1.  I was the first person to demonstrate that chronic muscle and joint pain could be eliminated, not just managed.

2.  I demonstrated that changes in how the foot develops in the womb, result in abnormal foot motion, which leads to poor posture and chronic pain.

3.  I discovered, demonstrated and documented how the foot is linked to the knee, pelvis and low back.

4.  I discovered two distinct, previously unknown inherited foot structures, which I linked to the development of chronic muscle and joint pain.

5.  I invented a novel approach to resolve chronic pain by improving muscle function, using proprioceptive stimulation underneath the foot.

6.  I was the first person to link abnormal foot motion to changes in the occlusion (bite) and stress patterns in the cranial bones.

7.  I was the first to link abnormal foot motion to the development of Scoliosis.

My original research led me to identify two inherited, abnormal foot structures that cause chronic muscle and joint pain.

From seeing thousands of patients all over the world in my clinic, I have found that about 80% of the world population has one of these two abnormal foot structures.

I developed a therapy, called Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy, which addresses and effectively treats chronic muscle and joint pain originating from these common foot structures.

If you come to me for therapy, you will find me to be not only a committed specialist but a caring partner in your road to recovery. Because I lived with chronic pain for over 10 years, I know exactly how it feels. This experience has shaped my philosophy in how I treat my patients.

Because I spend much time in research and because my therapy requires a great commitment to each and every one of my patients, I only accept up to 20 patients at any given time.  For this reason I do not limit your appointments with me to fifteen minutes.  During each appointment, I take whatever time is necessary to answer all your questions regarding the treatment I will be giving you.

As my patient, you will be listened to and understood. I do not believe in the old adage that the doctor knows everything about the patient’s body and the patient knows nothing.  After all, you have been living in your body your entire life and no one knows better than you as to what you are experiencing.  For this reason, you will take an active part in your therapy.

In the past, you may have been treated symptomatically (i.e., painkillers, which numb the pain or chiropractic treatment, which adjusts the joints), but treating symptoms does not permanently eliminate pain because it is not addressing the source of the pain.

I do not treat symptoms. I only treat the source of your pain.  If you have one of the two common inherited, abnormal foot structures which I discovered, this may well be the source of your chronic pain and this is what will be addressed and effectively treated.

Because I am not in the business of pain ‘management’, I’m not interested in retaining you as my patient for the rest of your life.  There is no shortage of chronic pain sufferers and so no shortage of patients that seek my help.  My job is to get you pain-free in as little time as possible, so that you can go on and live the rest of your life free from doctor visits and expensive pain medication.

Hear my message about Chronic Pain Help:

You may have tried everything. You may have been told that there is no answer to resolving your chronic pain, that there is no help. This is simply not true.

I can help.

Treating those who have already tried everything is my ‘specialty’. If you have one of the two foot structures that I work with, I can permanently eliminate your chronic muscle and joint pain and help you to get your life back, once and for all.

Thanks to advancements in digital software and communications, I, like many specialists, can now diagnose and treat patients all around the world. This means that if you have chronic pain symptoms caused by one of the two abnormal foot structures I work with, I can help you, no matter where you live.

If you are seeking chronic pain help,  and you feel you may be a candidate for my therapy, the first step is to make an Initial Phone Consultation. During this appointment, I will determine if you have one of the two abnormal foot structures that cause chronic muscle and joint pain. For information on making that first appointment, go to Schedule a Consultation.

Yours in good health,

Professor/Dr. Rothbart

If you would like more information on how I cure chronic muscle and joint pain, read my book, Forever Free From Chronic Pain.

To schedule your initial phone consultation with me, go to my patient website:  Schedule an Initial Telephone Consulation page.

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