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Using Aspartame Is Inviting Chronic Pain

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener used widely in a plethora of consumer products like NutraSweet®, Equal®, Spoonful® and Splenda®, and as an ingredient in diet colas and other soda pops. Surprisingly, it is often a hidden ingredient in prescriptive and over-the-counter medicine for children and adults.  If you have chronic pain and are using aspartame, it may do you well to learn about this toxic substance, which causes problems ranging from fibromyalgia to epilepsy to Alzheimer's disease.

Aspartame, a multi-billion dollar enterprise (in over 4,000 products worldwide) is an rDNA derivative made from two amino acids, L-phenylalanine, L-aspartic acid and methanol. It is said to be "refined" from "natural" substances, but in reality, this artificial sweetener represents a grave threat to public health.

In fact, aspartame was once on a Pentagon list of bio-warfare chemicals submitted to congress, but through numerous "deliberate decisions to cloak aspartame's toxic effects", it was approved by the FDA. The rewards for introducing this poison to the general public are increased profits for both the chemical companies (who produce aspartame) and the medical and pharmaceutical industries (who treat people suffering from the effect of it). This would be ludicrous if not so very sad.
Symptoms of aspartame intoxication include muscle and joint pain, severe headaches, loss of control of limbs, shooting pains in the extremities, numbness, mild to severe depression often reaching suicidal levels, gastrointestinal disorders, loss of energy, nausea, vertigo, insomnia, anxiety attacks, mood changes, blurred vision, blindness, memory loss, slurred speech, hyperactivity, skin lesions, rashes, menstrual cramps out of cycle, hearing loss or ringing in the ears, loss or change of taste and weight gain.

Aspartame can cause chronic pain problems such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, stomach disorders and migraines, as well as other serious health issues including; brain tumors, brain cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, birth defects, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, lupus, bipolar disorder, epilepsy, impaired kidney function and symptoms similar to those in a heart attack.

A must-see video called "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World," recounts one woman's nightmarish experience with aspartame. Cori Brackett, who drank diet soda, quickly found herself disabled and diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and weak limbs, forcing her to use a wheelchair. When she quit drinking diet soda, many of her symptoms disappeared.

Cori Brackett's experience illustrates how challenging it can be to find the true source of your chronic pain. Yet, only when you find the source can you cure the pain. That was the motto that drove Professor /Dr. Rothbart to spend more than forty years in clinical practice and research, and lead to his discovery that two inherited abnormal foot structures – the Rothbarts Foot and PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity– are a common cause of chronic muscle and joint pain.

These abnormal foot structures can create symptoms such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, stomach disorders and migraines, as well as a host of other chronic problems.

Professor /Dr. Rothbart and I advocate for a healthy diet of natural, unprocessed  foods. Such a diet will make many health problems dissolve. But if the underlying source of chronic pain is an abnormal foot structure, total pain relief will only be achieved when that foot structure is corrected.

For more information on abnormal foot structures that cause chronic pain, read:
How The Foot Can Create Muscle And Joint Pain In The Entire Body
Abnormal Foot Structures That Cause Chronic Pain

To read credible information about the dangers of aspartame, visit:

Linda Penzabene
Assistant to Professor/Dr. Rothbart

Why struggle with temporary fixes and treatments that only work in the short term when you can be free, once and for all, of the chronic muscle and joint pain that is making your life miserable?

As you learn more about Professor/Dr. Rothbart's innovative therapy, you may find that addressing and effectively treating your foot structure may be the missing link to ending your long time battle with unrelenting muscle and joint pain.

If you have questions about what's involved in being treated with Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy, see our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page by clicking here.

If you would like to contact Professor/Dr. Rothbart regarding an appointment to resolve your pain, click here.


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5 Responses to “Using Aspartame Is Inviting Chronic Pain”
  1. Mike Dovan says:

    Great article.  Thanks for the info.

  2. Deanne West says:

    Why can't they see how many chronic muscle pain patients use artificial sweeteners and take it off the market if it is found to be the common factor.  Doctors should have to report this or someone should.

  3. Rothbart says:

    Dear Deanne,

    I agree with you. Personally, I feel most artificial sweeteners should be taken off the market.

    Improving health is not the primary goal of the food industry. Profits are. This has been demonstrated over and over again.

    with regards,
    Professor Rothbart

  4. Dawn says:

    I have been dealing with this invisible disease named fibromyalgia for twenty plus years. The last couple of years has had me basically bed ridden. It hurt to stand in the kitchen to make a meal or unload the dishwasher. Going to a useless doctor appointment put me in bed in pain for at least three days unable to do anything but drift in and out of sleep.

    Two days ago I had stopped drinking diet soda and feel so much better! Not 100% mind you, but significantly better with much less back and shoulder pain. Hopefully this continues. I wish so much that one of the many doctors I have seen had said something about this. They must know about it surely?

    I have always had pain in feet as well. Thank You for writing this article! This is the first I had heard that feet problems could also be linked to chronic pain.


  5. Rothbart says:

    Dear Dawn,

    You are absolutely spot on. Diet soda can produce a variety of debilitating symptoms often diagnosed as Fibromyalgia.

    Another common cause of chronic musculoskeletal pain is the two inherited abnormal foot structures that I spend a great deal of time writing about (the PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity and Rothbarts Foot).

    If your pain symptoms continue even after eliminating diet sodas (and all other foods containing aspartame), I suggest you take the Rothbarts Foot Questionnaire to see if you may have one of these two foot structures.

    with regards,
    Professor Rothbart

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